Harry's List Architect the future

In the land of Moose and Harry

In the land of Moose and Harry,
Two friends rode with hearts so merry

On their trusty Onewheels, they flew
A way of life they loved, so true

From sunrise to sunset, they’d roam
Exploring new paths and finding home

Their passion for riding knew no bounds
Moose with his girlfriend, Harry unbound

Together they journeyed through the land
With extra batteries, they took a stand

Riding nearly a hundred miles each day
Their Onewheels powering their way

Dreaming of routes yet to be explored
Their minds and hearts fully onboard

Their boards upgraded with chargers so fast
Quickly recharging, they’re ready to last

One day they’ll ride from coast to coast
Their love for adventure, never to boast

Moose with his girl, Harry the bachelor
Their passion for riding, forever a factor

In the land of Moose and Harry, they roam
A never-ending journey, they call home

Their love for Onewheels, a way of life
Forever exploring, no end in sight.