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mobile gmail - offline labeling

A week or so back, Google announced offline support for Gmail. With Google Gears installed and Offline turned on in your Gmail labs, you can actively read and create emails while disconnected from the internet. In addition, if you are connected to laggy internet, you will notice that your Gmail is fast as ever.

Now, still beaming about this ‘milestone’, Google shows off the new mobile interface for Gmail. Get this, offline support! And labels! Using technology introduced with HTTP5, the Safari browser is able to cache your Gmail.

Props to AndroidCommunity.com for this sneak peek.

It’s lookin’ good people. That is, google’s support of the iPhone. In a previous post I mentioned that google added official support for push calendar and contact synchronization. What that means is that when you make a new date or edit a contact, the information is instantly synchronized to and from google’s servers. So if you make a new contact using Google’s Contact Manager, it should show up in your phone instantly. Same with your events on Google Calendar.