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week in links

cancer.  damn cancer.  lucky for us there are scientists.  a routine urine test for sarcosine can detect prostate cancer.  a ‘danger recepter’ that may kick-start an immune reaction to cancer.  a missing link in the way cells protect themselves against cancer.  something tells me were going to end up on top of this one.

one man’s dream to free the public access of the court electronic records.  tell governor paterson and the state legislature to stop stealing from SUNY students.  1970s space colony artwork.

if you’re a fan of old-school video games like sonic, mario, metroid etc.. check out these awesome renderings of what those originals could look like with today’s hardware.

mario batali and anthony bourdain talk about essential ingredients, baby food, and sex.

edit google spreadsheets on your iPhone and remotely set off farts.

john cleese is on twitter and making new funnies.

verizon says 100GBS by 2010.

google accused of invisibly deleting music blog posts.  google ajax APIs.

firefox extension add-art replaces advertisements with art.

and here’s a great iPhone screencast showing off reddit’s new app