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how to use friend lists with the new facebook update to enhance usability and organization

Regarding the new the facebook layout, what do you not like about it?  Is it too cluttered?  How so?  Do you really need to see everyone’s new facebook pic of the day?  I feel that facebook deserves this update.  Many complain about how disorganized the new layout is, that they can’t find anything.. well what are you trying to find?  Is there a special group of friends that you want to track everything about?  What are you looking for that you can’t find?  Let me explain how facebook has changed and how to use friend lists.

The new facebook layout does something bold.  It could not have pulled this off without the current size of circles of friends.  The creators are saying that there is enough information being posted to display everything in real time.  That’s what the home page is now, a real time feed of everyone’s updates.  It’s like looking at your Google Reader’s ‘all items’ category, it’s just simply a plethora of incoming information.

The right-hand side column attempts to display important information, and does a fairly good job.  It has everything I used to visit the home page for: birthdays, pokes, pictures, events, and notifications for my invites and messages (although this information is now available on every page through the bottom bar).  I have noticed that the right-hand side column appears to be favoring some friends over others, namely family members and people of recent contact, including new friends.

I suppose the dunbar number applies to facebook; the most friends you should have for maximum usability is 150.  But I have way more than 150 ‘friends’ on facebook, so I have to revert to grouping methods in order to maintain some structure.

To enhance the usability of facebook, you should be utilizing friend lists.  Friend lists are managed and toggled through their widget on the left-hand side of the home page.

Simply click on the + sign on the bottom to create a new friend list.  Click on your friends and search, or use previously created friend lists to narrow your results.  Once created, a friend list can be renamed, edited, and managed by clicking the pencil icon to the right of its name.

Click on your new friend lists to show their updates.

I have found my home page to be much more enjoyable with the application of these lists.  When I want to check out what my family is up to I just click their button.  Same with my friends (at home and away), and geographic networks.  Good luck getting organized!