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facebook privacy and you

If you haven’t heard all the buzz about facebook the past couple weeks, listen up.  Facebook just changed the way they handle privacy.  There are no more regional networks.  Unless you restrict specific things, they will be indexed by Google.  In this post you can learn how to  setup your facebook for max visibility while retaining a necessary amount of privacy.

The levels of limitation are: Friends, Friends of Friends, Friend lists, or Everyone.

I’ve organized my settings by section, which you can access by clicking on the links.

About me -> Education {Only Friends}
Photos and videos {Dudes}
Posts {only friends}

Dudes is a friend list excluding certain family members and people from work that I’d rather not see my pictures.

IM -> Current Address {Only Friends}
Website -> Add me as a friend {Everyone}
Send me a message {Only Friends}

Status Updates, Online Presence, Website, Education and work, My birthday, My hometown {checked}

I allow anyone to search for me.  But, if you want you can turn this off and be hidden.  Lastly, to block people go here.