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Import your blog into facebook!  This can be a great marketing tool.

There are two ways of importing into facebook.  To have facebook update your Mini-Feed with activity from other sites, such as last.fm, pandora, hulu, youtube, etc.. just visit your facebook profile page and click the “import” link at the top of the Mini-Feed section, select your service and enter the appropriate information.  Facebook will now automatically post your updates on these services to your Mini-Feed.

If you have a blog, the best way to announce your new posts are as notes.  Go into notes and you will see import settings in the middle of the right-hand side column.  Or click here.  What you need to enter here is your blog’s rss feed.

What is an RSS feed?  It is what allows facebook access to your updates on all those other websites.  It is an xml file, automatically generated by your blog, that delivers updates to anyone that subscribes to it.

Where is my RSS feed?  You can easily find it by going to your website and clicking the radio icon that should appear in your location bar.  This will provide you with the address of your feed.

For those just getting into RSS, please see my screencast on RSS and Google Reader for tips on how I use RSS efficiently.

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