Harry's List Architect the future

Existence, experience

Think about existence and work, how we were brought up to be obsessed with computers. How many of us devote our lives to building and experiencing the perfect computer. This really is the matrix and god is the experience. He is the music, the fire, the swimming pool, the radio, the cd, the vinyl record, databases, epic computers at MIT. Now it’s Google, Snapchat, VR, and infinity pools. Soon to be nanobots and expanded consciousness. I’m not sure I want to go all the way with plugging in. I love my body and taking care of it, maybe a computer could help with that too, but will the experience be better? It will certainly be different and for some people it will be better. Just imagine, peak physical condition without any of the mental effort of getting there. Unconscious simulations with micro machines preventing lactic acid and delivering amino acids. Not sure dudes, but I really thought the whole doing it yourself thing is better for you. Our minds have to go through tribes and tribulations in order to grow. Sure we will be able to download the knowledge of the masses, but will we share the collective wisdom of the experience?