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taing the scenic route

Weekends growing up, my parents took the family on road trips to Vermont. Lush summer hikes with trails and waterfalls. In the winter, we went snowboarding at Okemo mountain. First thing in the morning, we would go out and ride till the last lift. Life was simple back then, and snowboarding was my favorite activity.

Skip ahead 30 years later and I’m skateboarding my way around NYC. Spur of the moment, I ordered myself a onewheel for my birthday. Little did I know, my skateboards were about to start collecting dust. As soon as the onewheel arrived, that became my primary method of transportation.

Most limitations of skateboarding, including electric skateboarding, do not apply to onewheel. It can go offroad. It can ride in the rain. It’s a nice smooth ride. There’s a sense of freedom that can only be enjoyed in the moment.

It is something that looks so different, yet feels so natural. Taking flight with fancy footwork and rhythmic movements, my commute has transformed into an amusement ride with a dance floor. Life is about the journey, and riding gives me a chance to stop and smell the roses. It can be worthwhile taking the road less traveled, there are beautiful parks everywhere ready to explore.

As an idea spotlight, I want to encourage everyone to be happy and have fun. Give yourself time to do things that make you happy. If you don’t have time, make some, because you only live once and life is better with smiles. Pay attention to coincidences. Follow your dreams.